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We are going to make a separate Glider Issue Page. There is going to be so much information about that one subject, and we don't like to write that much on a single subject.

The Civil Air Patrol USAFA Glider True Story

When National Headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol officially STEALS the credit for grabbing 11 of 12 gliders from the Air Force Academy, we are forced to reveal the truth.

The following is from information that went back and forth, let us set it up for you, so that you understand how this came about.

When someone contacts CAP Insights with a story, any story, our initial response is to NOT believe it. Any clown with a goal, and knowing that we will publish stuff that others fear to address, we have to be that way about it. For those who become TRUSTED sources, their word is as good as any other source could be, maybe better.

Journalistically, you should check your stories against other sources, just to be sure - and it is the professional thing to do. Our sources on the glider story come from two totally different paths. The story came to us from a trusted source - whose word is better than checking multiple sources.

One aspect of the facts hit home - National HQ (read Chapters 1 - 3 on the new Glider Page for more information on that). There are actually people in the highest levels who still give a crap about the Civil Air Patrol and wish to see massive evolution. In fact, but for them being there, we would have folded this page long ago.

When we ran our information up through the food chain of OTHER trusted sources, we did not give them any information, we just asked what anyone knew about the gliders in general. This following information is what we got back:
We got this information through sources:
'... was told that the Gliders had been the Grob Motor Gliders and CAP cannot use them.'
We then sent back a "Nope, they are Blanik L-23's." and got this reply:
'They are so the powered gliders and the Blaniks needs parts and Blanik is gone.'
To that, it was added,
'... further says that the gliders were checked out by Jack Bushman, a former COWG/CC. He reported the gliders were in poor shape and, that CAP should not take them.'
So, if the Blaniks are "in poor shape and CAP should not take them," why is it that they have the trailers for them, some spare parts and why in the hell would USAFA give them away to Brazil?

If the gliders are in poor shape and would be a potential hazard or additional expense, and the cost of the expense outstrips the benefit of getting them, why would the USAFA want to "give" them to anyone rather then mothballing them in the desert?

There are F-4 Phantoms to F-15's in the desert right now... what would it be to mothball some gliders?

We got asked the following and got the reply which follows:

OK, taking everything as being absolute truth, that they had been the motor gliders, why then, would the COWG even check out the Blanik's?

Presuming that the Blanik's are in poor condition and that CAP should not take them, why would USAFA want to give them away to anyone when we have F-15's mothballed in the desert?

The Gliders have trailers, and that we have heard, there had been twelve of them. If there are twelve, couldn't even one excellent glider be made from the parts of the others?

If not, why would USAFA be giving them to Brazil? If they are worthless, why risk an international scenario with gliders which are in poor shape?

Also, the USAFA really allowed gliders to get into poor shape? Maybe there is a bigger problem if that is true, but we tend to believe that the USAFA would get rid of stuff and upgrade inventory before it timed out of useful service...
'Very good questions. ... can only tell you what was reported. Bushman was asked by Carr to check them out. According to trusted sources, Bushman said the Blaniks were not in good condition. No one knew anything about them going to Brazil.'
This information went flying back and forth at the end of January, 2012.

Further, this statement is from an official communication,
"... should have checked with Mr. [redacted] to confirm if CAP had interest in the Gliders. I apologize for not confirming the CAP interest. CAP holds a higher priority than FMS, but hopefully we can support both depending on the quantity you are interested in receiving."
The Air Force Academy, cannot just hand over property to anyone else, it has to go through channels (probably the reason why CAP won't get them until late in 2012). The above communication is from further up a food chain, and it also took place at the end of January 2012!

If the US Air Force Academy had no idea that CAP wanted the gliders, and the Academy never even considered to ask CAP if they wanted them, how in the world could the Civil Air Patrol have been "working" on the deal for a year? One guy, one CAP member who happens to have connections - the type of guy you WANT in CAP, for a plethora of reasons - "found" the gliders before they had been sent off to Brazil.

Up until the point where he got involved, those gliders had been going to Brazil - make no mistake about that fact, CAP wasn't even a fart in the room when that deal was made! No one had a clue about CAP wanting anything do to with these gliders until this one person stepped up and got the job done.

CAP, in PROVEN written communications had no clue whatsoever about these gliders, more than $600,000 dollars worth of them! With their trailers! With Spare Parts! FREE!!!

How does the organization treat the ONE SINGLE PERSON who SAVED the gliders from being shipped out to Brazil?

That's right, CAP STEALS the Glory. They cleanly take full credit - and lie, publicly, about it in their own publication that they had been working on it for a year. Lies, pure lies, and we have possession of the communications that prove it beyond a hint of any doubt.

Consider that Bushman (or Bushmann) is the defacto Glider God for CAP. He wasn't even on board until late in 2011, certainly, he could not have been working on the deal for a year because he wasn't even there! Chuck Carr could not have been working on it for a year, as Amelia S. "Amy" Courter's lap dog, Carr had no authority to do anything other than agree with his Dark Master. Mike Murrel certainly wasn't working on it for a year because he is in charge of Operations and has too much to do, he could not have been even remotely able to have done anything with the gliders during the year.

In fact, since CAPNHQ proudly, and fraudulently claims to have been working on it for a year now - let's give them the benefit of the doubt and simply say - prove it.

Back it up, that you had been working on the gliders for a year - as you claim, publicly. You failed to even know about them being available at all, and you certainly failed to communicate that to higher authority, because until January of 2012, those gliders, all 12 of them, had been set to go to Brazil... and by your own admission, you did not have a clue.

For an organization that has so many members who appear to care about things such as "Stolen Valor" and the pretend brave, the National Headquarters, right up to Chuck Carr himself, are claiming to have had even the knowledge of the availability of these gliders - but, not for the efforts of one man, they would be Brazilian gliders, not for CAP.

And how do the morons that remain in CAP respond (in the general membership - note, no caps!)? On all they can do is pat each other on the back and offer Kudos and reach arounds for the wonderful "leadership" of the Criminal Air Patrol.

And this is what CrAP has become - stealing credit for saving lives of those they had little, if anything, to do with in Utah, to not being able to find those in real need of professional service, to beating down dynamic, high quality professionals who take initiative by picking up the fumble when CAP drops the ball...

No, wait, the Civil Air Patrol wasn't even at the field... the ball, in this case, was sitting on the ground waiting to be picked up at all - one man did just that, on behalf of CAP. When CAP finally arrived, what did they do? They tackled the very man who picked up the ball... and the idiotic morons of the general membership simply applaud CAP's "leadership" on their fine work...


CAP Lies About Gliders!:

"NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – Eleven TG-10B (L-23 Super Blanik) gliders from the U.S. Air Force Academy will soon belong to Civil Air Patrol, through a transfer National Headquarters and the Air Force have been working on for the past year."
Read our stories regarding the USAFA Glider SNAFU below. National HQ did not know, did not plan and certainly did not work on ANYTHING in regard to the whole USAFA Glider possibility.

How can we say that? Because we have the email chain that PROVES it.

Once again, stolen valor on behalf of the worthless "pos's" at National HQ trying to steal the credit for someone else's hard work.

Until one person got involved, only a few weeks ago, ALL 12 gliders had been slated to go to Brazil!

Our courses have even more information in regard to just how clueless CAP NHQ was on the whole glider scenario.

The claims that NHQ and USAF had been working on the program for a year is an absolute, bold face lie - and we have the proof. What say you now, CAPNHQ?

Here is some proof:

The CAPNHQ news release tells you that they will be getting eleven gliders, but it says nothing about number twelve. The 12th glider had landing gear damage to it, and CAP would probably not want to go through the expense of repairing that damage - thus, eleven gliders go to CAP.

NHQ is claiming that they had worked on the process for a year - that is a lie, in fact, the USAFA did not even consider CAP, and CAP never thought to ask about them. All 12 of these gliders had been - ONLY UNTIL RECENTLY, by the work of a worker bee type member of CAP did the Civil Air Patrol actually get ANY gliders at all.

How on earth could they have been working on it for a year if they never even knew of them?!?

Chapter Three:
"No Gliders for You!"

Another Update: Keep in mind that no one at National HQ saw this potential thing happening with the gliders. A guy who is a member found it, inquired about it, and got the ball rolling to make it happen.

The Region Commander screwed him over by having his Wing Commander crap on his birthday cake.

The mindless folks from National to Region to Wing all screwed this guy over... this is vitally important because the guy who did this wasn't looking for glory, he wasn't looking to be anything special. He saw an opportunity that was botched, picked up the ball and ran with it - only to be tackled by his own team!

And this is what the Civil Air Patrol has become.

Watch to see how this unfolds. If some "special person" at National - ANY "special person" at National, Region or Wing tries to even take ANY credit for the CAP getting ANY gliders - they are chock full of crap - and we have all of the emails to prove it all - 100%!

You know it to be true because as we had been publishing Chapter One below... National HQ still was clueless about the actual gliders that we had been talking about in the first place.

Someone had better give proper respect to the man that saved CAP's collective rear end, and they had better do it OPENLY and PUBLICLY.

By the way... there are TWELVE gliders, not 5 or 6, so National HQ "leadership" still dropped the ball on this no matter how you slice it because they should take ALL TWELVE of these prime gliders and rid themselves of the worst ones in CAP today.

End of additional update.

Update: The word on the street is that CAP will actually be obtaining five or six of the glider aircraft in question, but that really isn't the point, is it?

The points are many.

Our inquiries had been met with, "Those aren't the gliders you're looking for." - and it had been explained that the gliders that CAP Insights was talking about had actually been motor gliders, which the Civil Air Patrol is not allowed to use.

The second round of inquiry, because we knew that the gliders are the real gliders, returned a note telling us that, "Those are not the gliders you're looking for." - but, they are... so we are told that they are junk and that the Civil Air Patrol would not want them - being junk and all that.

See, CAP Insights already knew that all 12 gliders had been going to Brazil, we just never included that in our inquiries. So, since these are actually "junk," we asked again:
"OK, taking everything as being absolute truth, that they had been the motor gliders, why then, would the COWG even check out the Blanik's?

Presuming that the Blanik's are in poor condition and that CAP should not take them, why would USAFA want to give them away to anyone when we have F-15's mothballed in the desert?

The Gliders have trailers, and that we have heard, there had been twelve of them. If there are twelve, couldn't even one excellent glider be made from the parts of the others?

If not, why would USAFA be giving them to Brazil? If they are worthless, why risk an international scenario with gliders which are in poor shape?

Also, the USAFA really allowed gliders to get into poor shape? Maybe there is a bigger problem if that is true, but we tend to believe that the USAFA would get rid of stuff and upgrade inventory before it timed out of useful service...

Just some thoughts."
This is where we get the point of, "Why is it that the USAFA is trying to kill Brazilians? If the gliders in question are dangerous and worthless, is it that we are trying to rid the world of a few more Brazilians?"

This, by the way, goes right up to Chuck Carr. If ANYONE else gets hit with the blame for being stupid, the real idiot is Carr - accept no other patsy to go down for his lack of vision.

There is a lot more, but not for now... keep in mind that an "average" CAP member found these gliders going to Brazil and got the job done to stop them in less than 24 hours! National "leadership" failed - totally, but for this one valuable member, CAP would be getting none of them - and yet National "leadership" played duck and dodge, lied and lied again about the entire scenario... more than $600,000 worth of lies...

We told you so, we always have - and we always will.

Could your own Wing / Region stand to have an infusion of newer and better maintained aircraft from time to time?

The answer is "Yes," but you are told that CAP can’t afford the steep cost of acquiring these newer aircraft.

Okay, but what if you heard that the USAF was disposing of $600,000.00 worth of beautifully maintained aircraft, TWELVE of them, that are IDENTICAL to aircraft in the current CAP fleet, that would be FREE to the Civil Air Patrol.

Would you be interested?

Would you be willing to spend a few minutes investigating this possibility?

Of course you would!

If you asked your chain of command if you could help, what would they tell you?

In the current system, you would be told to “Shut up and color”.

You would be told not to interfere and to leave this to the anointed ones on high, the Grand Poobahs, as only they could possibly be in charge of such an important initiative.

You can see them clawing over one another to be the only one to reach the ear of the National Commander, playing some bureaucratic cubical climbing sick game of “king of the mountain;” elbowing aside all others and pushing them down the heap.

You can even hear them whispering in the ear of the National Commander in true "snake oil salesman" fashion, “Don’t worry boss, I alone will be your 'go to guy' ensuring your greatness and your legacy by being solely in charge of obtaining these assets worth more than $600,000.00 for you.”

Of course, for these “advisors” to ensure they maintain their sycophantic power position as sole advisor to the National Commander, they must ensure no one else but themselves ever be allowed to touch this information.

After all, information is power - and must be jealously guarded and restricted to the hands of only the powerful.

No one else’s voice but their own must be allowed to reach the ear of the Commander, least their power and prestige be diminished.

Sadly, we are not telling anyone in CAP anything new so far; as we have all been beaten down to accept this as the status quo.

And just like battered spouses, we quietly put up with the abuse for years and years until one morning, we wake up in the hospital.

Such is the “zero sum game” played in CAP at all levels at all times, where-in no one can possibly be allowed to be empowered to do anything, because to do so somehow robs the anointed ones of their perceived power. No one can possibly be allowed to show initiative, for - if a mere “worker bee” is allowed to succeed, to achieve great things for CAP, then their success must, of necessity, detract from the success of the Grand Poobahs themselves.

In real life, this is hogwash, as there is no “zero sum game”.

On real life teams, success is a TEAM effort.

The success of one member of the team equals up to a total TEAM victory.

If all members of the team are empowered and actually ENCOURAGED to take INITIATIVE, the whole TEAM wins! If one member of the team fumbles the ball but a team mate recovers it.

This is a good thing right? This is how it is supposed to happen, right?

Not in CrAP!

So, what does this have to do with more than six hundred thousand dollars worth of aircraft?
FACT ONE: For the past year, the USAF Academy has been planning to buy newer “glass,” high performance gliders to replace their L-23 Blanik gliders. These twelve (12) L-23 Blanik gliders are worth collectively $600,000.00 and are EXACTLY like the ones in our current CAP fleet, only pristinely maintained.

FACT TWO: Our Grand Poobah CAP volunteer leaders and “advisors” have known about this for the past year as well.

FACT THREE: Very recently, our CAP “advisors” have been telling our National Commander that, “I have a plan, boss - to get all 12 of these aircraft for CAP use, you can count on me and me alone to ensure this happens”.
Okay, but if this is true, who have they been communicating with in the USAF organizational structure to ensure this process comes to fruition? Where is their e-mail string to back up their claims that they are actively engaged; vertically connected up the USAF organizational structure involved in this disposition, proving that all is well with this planned transfer of resources?
FACT FOUR: There is no e-mail string! The ball was TOTALLY DROPPED!

FACT FIVE: Just because someone once upon a time may have chatted up someone at the USAF Academy, and no higher up the organizational structure, voicing an interest in gliders in general, this is NO WHERE NEAR sufficient to ensure the complex sequence of events necessary to guarantee a successful transfer of assets is accomplished.

FACT SIX: This decision tree for the disposition of these gliders may begin at the USAF Academy, but includes, further up the food chain:
a. Academy Program Manager / Air Logistics Center, at Tinker AFB.
b. AFMC, Wright Patterson AFB, Foreign Military Sales (FMS).
c. AETC, Randolph AFB, Aircraft Vehicle Distribution Office.
d. USAF, Pentagon, AF/A8PB Excess Aircraft Disposition. (All roads lead here, as the final decision rests with this office.)
FACT SEVEN: NO ONE / NOBODY listed in a. through d. above had ever heard a PEEP from anyone in CAP concerning a desire to receive these gliders from USAFA, NO ONE, NOT EVER!
You want proof? (We have the e-mails if you need them) Here is additional proof as well. As of 26 Jan 2012 (about a week ago) 100% / all 12 of these gliders were slated to go to Brazil! That’s right, Brazil!
FACT EIGHT: The USAF, Pentagon, A-8PB has stated point blank that if anyone in CAP had ever simply asked them, then ALL 12 L-23 Blanik Gliders would be going to CAP. (CAP has priority over FMS) However, since NO ONE EVER ASKED, these gliders were going to Brazil by default. Not only that, but no one in CAP had ever brought up the topic of the glider spare parts, manuals, trailers, all worth many tens of thousands of dollars alone!

So……what happens next????
FACT NINE: A low level worker bee in CAP discovers this Six Hundred Grand fumbled ball just laying there on the field of play, no one even NEAR it, picks it up, gathers up some additional intel, and informs his superiors.
Guess what happens next?

Does he get a “thank you” from anyone?

Does he get asked for any amplifying information to ensure the CAP acquisition of gliders + spare parts + manuals + trailers gets back in play again?

Does he even get just a “roger” from anyone?

Did you guess - Spray water on that monkey! - ?!?... WE HAVE A WINNER!

Yes indeed; CAP “smacks the volunteer on the head” for daring to take the initiative and forward this info up to his commanders in some twisted version of "Whack a Mole!"
FACT TEN: Within a matter of mere minutes, literally minutes, our intrepid volunteer receives e-mail from TWO Grand Poobahs internal to our CrAP volunteer leadership.
1. On 26 Jan 2012 Colonel XXXXX directed the XX Region/CC and the XXX Wing Commander to:
"I request that you ask his wing commander to have him refrain from further direct contact with the Academy on this issue."
2. Shortly after this, on 26 Jan 2012 the XXWG/CC then directed:
" looks like [you] just got smacked on the head for this one. Please do not make any further contact with the USAFA about their gliders. NHQ does not want [y]our involvement."
FACT ELEVEN: Again within minutes, a special “advisor” to the National Commander tries to weasel his way out of the responsibility for the “fumble” by saying he knew all about these facts all along! There is only one way he can control the events that are now spinning out of his control, with facts showing him to be a fumbling ball dropper. He must:
1) SILENCE the info coming from the field;
2) REVISE HISTORY by saying he knew about this all along;
3) State he has had a plan in place all along to recover the gliders from the grasp of Brazil.
Nice move for a “zero-sum game” player. However, he cannot dispute ALL the facts that are piled up here. (Try asking him to show you his e-mail string leading up to USAF, Pentagon, AF/A8PB Excess Aircraft Disposition…it does not EXIST!)
FACT TWELVE: If anyone in CAP was EVER actively engaged in the USAFA glider disposition at any point along the way, Brazil would NEVER have EVER even been mentioned, as CAP has total and uncontested priority over all FMS dispositions of aircraft.

FACT THIRTEEN: As of 2 Feb, the Pentagon AF/A8PB initiated comms with NHQ-CAP to ensure this process was placed back onto the rails. THEY took the initiative, NOT CAP, to make this connection.

FACT FOURTEEN: Somehow, CAP is NOT asking for all 12 of these gliders, but inexplicably for only 7, giving 5 to Brazil?

WHAT? US Taxpayers paid 50 Grand EACH for all 12 of these gliders!

Why would CAP only ask for 7, throwing 42% of this “deal” worth $250 Grand away? Hmmmmm. Could there possibly be a total lack understanding for the nuances of this “deal” at NHQ-CAP??? We are all left to wonder at this point. But as monkeys, we are afraid to even ask questions about this!

FACT FIFTEEN: Oh by the way, the CAP volunteer “ordered” to “refrain from further direct contact with the Academy”...

He just happens to be a USAF Reserve Lt Col and USAF Academy graduate and former USAF Academy soaring instructor and current USAF Academy ALO in frequent contact with his peer group and superiors at USAFA, all of whom have the capability to help Civil Air Patrol immensely with this potential transfer of Glider assets from the USAF to the CAP.

CAP is a fundamentally flawed and dysfunctional organization. The road to fixing a few of our decades-long systemic problems starts with three simple steps.
1. EMPOWER our people. (Recognize TEAM effort and ditch the “zero sum game” mentality!)

2. ENCOURAGE our people to take the INITIATIVE. (Stop spraying water on folks!)

3. Give our people some type of voice as to who we have SERVING US as our volunteer leaders.
At the very least, please give us a periodic vote of confidence or no confidence in our own Wing Commanders. Our current system is like the College of Cardinals, where they secretly huddle in a conclave to elect the new “Pope”, sending up white smoke signals to tell the masses they have a new leader. Sounds like a National Board meeting...! In the mean time, for all the “monkeys” out there, KEEP REACHING FOR THE BANANAS! A little cold water being sprayed on us from time to time is, well; “refreshing”! Also, if we ever stop reaching for the bananas at the top of the stairs, we have let the Grand Poobahs win.

Illegitimus Non Carborundum Est!
(Don’t let the bastards get you down!)

Chapter Two:
CAP Volunteer Leadership “Grounds” a Highly Skilled Professional Volunteer Who Dares to Show Initiative:

From the Field:

RECAP: In Chapter One we discussed in general terms the Standard Operating Procedures of our “Grand Poobah” volunteer so-called “leadership”. We discussed how they routinely:
Through their own buffoonery, totally drop the ball and then reprimand the very individuals who try to pick up the “fumble” and thus save the day.

Spray cold water on anyone of the wonderful professional volunteer worker bees who shows any initiative; treating us like monkeys in a cage.

View “empowerment” and “initiative” as dirty words.

Sycophantic “advisors” who only maintain their own power positions in the serpentine organizational bureaucracy by aggrandizing their own actions while minimizing the abilities and accomplishments of those around them. In this way they continue to hang onto these positions to justify things like all expense paid trips to Hawaii for commanders calls for themselves.

Ingrain in the members, by beating them down, the defeatist end result where the general membership is resigned to simply sit on their hands, as to dare show any initiative and try to improve things will certainly result in pain and suffering.
In Chapter Two, we will provide you all with a specific example at the “WING” level. This, we are sure, is nothing new for most of you, who have experienced FIRST HAND the “beat-down” that surely comes from showing any initiative.

In Chapter Three, we will go much further and unveil the truly heinous example of the Six Hundred Grand (yes, that is $600,000.00!) fumble. This will be the story of how our CAP volunteer "leadership" at the highest levels are totally dropping the ball and then reprimanding the very individual who tried to help pick up the "fumble" and thus save the day!

First, let’s set the stage a bit.

Could your own Wing do a better job providing our most precious resource, our Nation’s Youth, with better STEM education and exposure? (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Could your own Wing improve the opportunity for our Cadets to receive more frequent exposure to powered and glider orientation flights? (A truly wonderful STEM resource!) Is your own Wing caught up in the overall lack of vision, confusion, and vacuum of leadership in organizing available resources so that YOUR Cadets get access to glider “O” flights?

Our guess is that the vast majority of you answered “YES” to all of the above.

Let’s now examine a specific case we will bring forward in this example today.

Imagine for a minute that you are a member of an “average” Wing that is fortunate enough to have access to a glider or two, maybe a tow plane, or maybe one nearby in a neighboring Wing. Imagine for a minute that most of your Cadets have not flown glider “O” flights in a long time. Of course, when the Glider Center’s of Excellence (GCOE) program was unveiled by our National Volunteer Leadership, they promised us this would solve all our historical problems with the Glider Program in general. Then, a few months later, the whole concept of GCOE was quietly canned at the NEC level. RESULT: Even more confusion, lack of vision, and vacuum of leadership especially with regard to the Glider Program.

Perhaps your own Wing at first had a Glider Coordinator, who then was replaced with a Region Glider Center of Excellence (GCOE) coordinator, who then resigned when the whole GCOE concept was deep sixed, leaving the gliders and tow planes adrift in uncertainty. The Wing Commander in the example below has, through a total lack of leadership, allowed the glider program to atrophy into a non-existent program.

Out of this wasteland of confusion and inaction steps a professional volunteer worker bee who wants to make a real difference for our Cadets. This volunteer truly epitomizes the awesome capabilities organic to Civil Air Patrol at the lowest levels. We in CAP are blessed with a deep bench, loaded with talent, and all we need is for our “Grand PooBah” leaders to empower them to “Git ‘Er Done” so to speak. Let’s say this particular volunteer is a professional pilot, current USAF officer who cut his teeth as a glider instructor pilot at the USAF Academy, is a CFI-G + Glider Instructor + Check Pilot + Check Pilot Evaluator. He is a C-17 Pilot and Delta Airlines Captain. Certainly any Wing Commander would cheer at the prospect of empowering such an individual to put together a day or two of Cadet “O” flights for the wonderful Cadets in your Wing; Right?

Wrong! Completely and totally Wrong! (Spray cold water on that Monkey! FAST!)

In this specific example, this truly wonderful and selfless professional volunteer takes the initiative and accomplishes the following:
Trains up a cadre of tow pilots and glider “O” pilots.

Finds a local squadron willing to sponsor and support a couple of days worth of cadet glider “O” flights.

Ensures there is no scheduling conflict in WMIRS, then schedules the tow aircraft and two gliders in WMIRS in accordance with (IAW) all current policies and procedures.

Coordinates tow pilots and glider pilots to support the event.

Arranges for the aero tow of a glider to another location INTERNAL to this Wing, all totally and completely IAW CAPR 60-1.

Announces this glider “O” flight opportunity with multiple nearby squadrons.

Achieves 100% of the required and legal flight releases from a Wing FRO.

Remember: This individual has followed all applicable guidance in CAPR 60-1 and all WMIRS and FRO procedures were followed to a “T”.

However, this individual committed the unforgivable crime (to a Grand PooBah) of actually showing initiative. Thus he had to be slapped down HARD!

What do you think happened next?

The Wing Commander instantly grounds this individual for 60 days!

You read that right; grounded for 60 days, with absolutely no recourse nor audience for appeal. The Region Commander is informed and does what? You guessed it! NOTHING!

Why you ask? Did this individual violate CAPR60-1? Violate WMIRS procedures? Violate FRO procedures? Commit a Safety Violation?

No to all of the above; All regs and procedures were followed meticulously and to the “T”!

Why then was he grounded?

Because this individual dared to take the initiative and did not sufficiently kiss the Papal Ring of the Wing commander and beg permission from her specifically to allow this event to take place. (That’s right, “her”. That narrows it down a bit!)

In her letter “grounding” this USAF officer, she even explains that if this officer had only tracked her down to gain her specific permission that no grounding would have occurred.

Okay, so now, in addition to following the regulations and approved procedures, we need to play "Mother May I" as well? If not, we are grounded for two months with no recourse? What a wonderful way to empower the troops!

Here are some additional facts to consider:
This pilot made a true good faith effort to keep everyone informed, but due to the pressure of time and approaching sunset issues, elected to accomplish the mission in accordance with all regulatory guidance as a FIRST PRIORITY with limited time constraints.

This plan came together on short notice, with not a lot of time to run around and play "Mother May I." Following the regulations and procedures was accomplished first, and should be sufficient, right?

This member’s car and wallet was at his departure location, and while grounded he had no way to retrieve them. Another member graciously volunteered his own time and money to fly him back in a private aircraft.

Most of the Cadets scheduled to fly “O” flights had to be turned away, as their primary “O” pilot was now grounded. This had a far more negative effect on the Cadet’s than on anyone else.

The Wing/CC (who is not a pilot and not familiar with CAPR 60-1) did not even consult with her own Stan Eval officer before grounding this pilot.

The Wing/CC was counseled that she did NOT have the authority to arbitrarily ground someone. Her authority to do so was limited by regulation to safety issues or to violations of CAPR60-1. She went ahead and did it anyway. Her Region Commander inexplicably backed her up.

The Wing/DO had no idea in advance that the Wing Commander was going to “ground” this pilot, as he felt this whole issue could have been cleared up pretty simply without unnecessary “grounding” action.

Many of the pilots in her Wing long ago lost confidence in her ability to lead, or to even make common sense decisions!

One of the gliders in her Wing (N--BG) rusted away due to her total neglect, resulting in a loss to CAP of $13,000 when this glider was sold as high grade scrap. Interesting, you can actually cause $13 grand in damage to an aircraft out of neglect and be a Wing/CC, but if you follow the regs and procedures you get GROUNDED!

Another glider in her Wing (N---BA) is so corroded with “filiform” corrosion, that it is nearing the scrap heap as well. She is well aware of this, as is her Region Commander, yet no one is taking any action to protect these unique assets as they slowly turn to rust and rot away. A simple coat of paint would solve the problem! But no, we would rather risk the loss of a $50,000 asset.

The glider program in her Wing is marked with a total lack of direction, leadership, or guidance. Even when someone steps up to try and improve the situation, they are slapped down.

The previous Wing and then Region “Glider Coordinator” resigned out of disgust with the abuse the glider program was forced to endure at the hands of our so called volunteer “leaders."

As of this date, the pilot in question is still totally and completely grounded!
Stay tuned for Chapter Three, and find out about the $600,000.00 “fumble” and for more on this developing story...

Chapter One:
CAP Volunteer Leadership "Sprays Cold Water" on any Volunteer Who Shows Initiative:

A very special report on a very significant development! Read on - pass it on - it will shock you as you discover what YOUR Civil Air Patrol has done this time!

From the Field:
In upcoming days, we will expose for you a truly heinous example of CAP volunteer "leadership" at the highest levels totally dropping the ball and then reprimanding the very individual who tried to help pick up the "fumble" and thus save the day.!

In this case, the "ball" was worth about $600,000.00. That's right, Six Hundred Grand!

"How is this possible?" you may ask.

Why reprimand the very person who recovers the totally lost ball that is just bouncing around begging for someone to pick it up?

This situation is nothing new for most of you, as CAP is infamous for this type of buffoonery, only normally, not on this large a scale.

CAP volunteer leadership has a Standard Operating Procedure of spraying cold water on anyone of the worker bee volunteers who shows any initiative.

Why is this?

Because in CAP, "empowerment" is a very dirty word.

In CAP, our "Grand Poobah" leaders, and their select cadre of sycophantic "advisors," can only maintain their power positions by aggrandizing their own actions while minimizing the abilities and accomplishments of those around them.

It is unacceptable, in their minds, to allow a mere worker bee; a lowly senior member, to completely upstage them by actually using initiative to accomplish something exceptional.

In their minds... only the Grand Poobahs themselves are allowed the right to think and act and show initiative.

Only by holding themselves up and completely denying empowerment to the great hordes of unwashed masses can they continue to hang onto their positions in the organizational bureaucracy and justify things like all expense paid trips to Hawaii for conferences for themselves.

Contrast this with successful business examples. In real life, whatever the industry, the best companies all have at least one element in common: They actually (God forbid) empower their highly motivated, enthusiastic employees who deliver exceptional service day after day.

We, as CAP volunteers down in the trenches, stand ready to help create that same winning culture for the Civil Air Patrol.

Our volunteer "leadership" on the other hand, apparently is disconnected from reality and disconnected from these "best practices" modeled in successful business.

Over time, our so-called "leadership" has sprayed so much cold water on ANYONE who dares to show initiative, that folks are quite literally scared to do anything other than just sit on their hands.

Eventually, with literally decades of this "beat down" we all suffer from time to time, the very fabric of our current organizational culture has been changed so that all intermediate echelons of our so-called volunteer "leadership" have adopted this very same model...

Collectively our leadership sprays cold water on anyone who shows initiative. When some new sharp member joins CAP, their initiative is immediately crushed, least they actually be allowed to accomplish something. They are "DE-EMPOWERED". This is now totally systemic in the entire organizational structure at all echelons of CAP.

Consider this excerpt of a recent scientific study:

Start with five monkeys inside a cage and in that cage is a set of stairs leading to the top of the cage.

You hang a banana on a string at the top of the stairs and before long a monkey climbs the stairs to get the banana.

As soon as he touches the stairs, you spray all the monkeys with cold water. After a while another monkey makes an attempt with same result... all the monkeys are sprayed with cold water.

Pretty soon when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to stop him so they don't get sprayed.

Now, put the cold water away.

Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the stairs. To his shock, all of the other monkeys beat the crap out of him.

After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs he will be assaulted.

Next, remove another of the original five monkeys, replacing it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment... with enthusiasm.

Then, replace a third original monkey with a new one, followed by a fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs he is attacked.

Most of the monkeys that are beating him up have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs. Neither do they know why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.

Finally, having replaced all of the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys will have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, none of the monkeys will try to climb the stairway for the banana.

Why, you ask? Because in their minds... that is the way it has always been!

This my friends, is how CAP operates... and is why, from time to time, all of the monkeys need to be REPLACED.
Stay tuned for more on this developing story...